The Story of the Books that Change Our Lives

I’m always surprised by how many people I talk to who never pick up a book and read these days. When I received Jamie Lee Wallace’s blog, “The Story of the Books that Change Our Lives” I got so excited to see two of my favorite’s on her list, “Women Who Run with the Wolves” and “If You Want to Write” that I had to share her post. I know my readers on CoffeeMystery will appreciate Jamie’s writing. What is the book that mostly influenced your life?

Live to Write - Write to Live

A friend recently tagged me on Facebook to participate in one of those modern-age chain letter-type things where you’re tasked with sharing a series of something-or-others within a specific theme. For instance, you might be asked to post seven black-and-white photos or six baby pictures or ten favorite poems.

The mission of this particular challenge was to post—without comment—covers of books that have meant something to me and/or influenced my life. This was exceedingly difficult. Not only did it require me to whittle down my list of influential books to only seven, it also demanded that I refrain from sharing any thoughts or wistful reminisces about my relationship with each book. I’m sure, as fellow bibliophiles, you can see my dilemma.

Still, I was moved to play along, because—you know—BOOKS.

But now, I am breaking the rules by re-sharing my seven selections along with brief commentary that provides a little…

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CoffeeMystery Blog

CoffeeMystery at Walden’s Coffeehouse

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3940 Mayberry Drive – Location One


For many years I have gathered myself with pen, paper, and most recently, a laptop in places where the coffee is great and people are kind. I use the muse of coffee to collect my thoughts and allow them to fall easily into a journal, across the keyboard and develop into stories, blog post, and wisdoms. Walden’s Coffeehouse sets the stage for good conversations and contemplative moments and a time to read great books.

The background noise is people converging around tables for meetings, stockpiling with friends to enjoy a latte’, espresso, or green tea and often for breakfast or lunch. The on going crowds represent local business collaborative groups, students with homework, friends catching up and many others sharing a meal. Walden’s Coffeehouse is a point of intersection for some, a think tank space for others, and a darn good place to have a superbly fresh meal.

Chef Michael, Mandy, and the Barone family continue to create comfortable spaces for the crowds of regulars and new customers to join the Walden’s community. The menu and daily specials entice us all to satisfy our cravings.





Breakfast and lunch are served all day, with several yummy choices.  Vegetable Frittata special from Chef Michael’s creative venue or Avocado on Toast with bacon and poached eggs, my personal favorite.

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1170 South Wells Ave.  – location two


Creative baristas love a challenge and are great at recommending their inventive mixtures. My standby is a Vanilla Latte’ and a few days ago, Barista Leah recommended I try it with oat milk with a little honey. “My, my.” It has now become my afternoon pick me up.





Walden’s uses a local coffee roaster, Glory Cloud and the La Spaziale Italian Espresso Machine creates the exactly perfect flavor for my taste.  What often inspires my writing is their eclectic, decorative, colorful mugs.  They are just right for wrapping your hands around them and sipping your treasured flavor.

Other aromatic, innovative pleasures are a hearty bowl of Turkey Chili, an Egg Sandwich Panni, and a very healthy Greek Salad.  I often enjoy a BLT or Avocado Toast with homemade Hummus. Check out the menu and find your favorites:


Walden’s Hours

Monday – Friday 6am to 3:30pm
Saturday 7am to 3pm
Sunday 7am to 3pm
Happy Hour
Monday – Friday 2pm to 3:30pm



Mother Earth’s all-inclusive nature is our greatest teacher, a terrific reminder to restore our faith in natural principles of universal cosmic creativity.

We have been working in our garden everyday this spring and I must say, it is quite beautiful. We noticed early on that we have not seen one bee. Last spring season, bees were all over our mint, lavender, salvia, and Echinacea. There were not any bees anywhere in the garden this spring. It was beginning to cause us great sadness. We heard about bees becoming endangered and have honestly been a bit worried about the seemingly disappearance of bees from our garden this year.

Our spring has turned into summer almost over night, so we have been getting up earlier to avoid the heat. Every morning, we begin our ritual of welcoming Grandfather Sun with gratitude for nature’s beautiful, thick, lush abundance. We are so blessed to enjoy our morning in the garden.

Five days ago, I posted “…..bring back the bees.” Many of my friends responded with positive affirmations that the bees are coming back. And of course, knowing how the universe operates, this morning while pulling weeds around the lavender plants, I noticed the hundreds of bees. The bees are back. We were doing the happy dance!

There is space for every living being on this planet to be, do, and have exactly what they need, want, and desire. Gratitude is the doorway to natural abundance. Affirmations are tools of discovering innate bounty. Every word we speak leads to our pathway of living naturally in our individual opulence. We have the ability to co-create a peacefully abundant world for all of us. Thank you all for the affirmative thoughts and prayers for our bees to come back.



Happy Longest Day of the Year

We are having a heatwave on this the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Take it easy, relax, be mindful of how you can balance your day. Be gentle with yourself and kind to your families. Bring a light heartedness into ritual, create a simple list of intentions for yourself to begin your Solstice, put a calming energy into a small bowl of water with a few drops of lavender oil and softly drum over it, sway serenely into a natural rhythm, and let your soul lead your way. May this be a blessed peaceful year for us all and may the bees come back. – Tu BearsScreen Shot 2017-06-21 at 8.41.18 AM.png

Gratitude Journal


A high voltage electrical current rambles through the universe fueled by a single voice of gratitude. An unexpected affluence follows one person’s appreciation. One of the things I have noticed in my life is how the vibration of livelihood increases when I express thankfulness.

In fine-tuning my daily gratitude journal I’ve noted how a demonstration of a simple “thank you” for everything, including aggravations, poor health, or distress. Yes, especially upsetting circumstances deserve gratitude. What I have discovered in the writing about the agitation or disturbances in life with a thankful heart a solution comes, a calming passes over me and an easy flow of creativity begins a journey all it’s own.

Gratitude becomes a way of life. A grateful electrical current vibrates in our personal lives and creates a higher spiritual frequency and ignites the “Law of Attraction”.   Over time we develop a gratitude habit and life takes care of itself.

In other words, disturbances depression, anger, and fear, disappear  with a daily practice of giving thanks for all things.


Taking Time to Know Your Inner Voice

Tu BearsScreen Shot 2016-03-15 at 5.02.25 PM.png

The home of our inner voice is a centering sweet essence of our truest self. I call it sweet because the voice is soft, kind, and gentle. For those of us who have built walls, armor around our natural soul to protect ourselves from an outside world of hatefulness, abuse, or misconceptions, it may take time to design a safe place to reach into as we get to know our guiding light. The many strategies we believed would safeguard our hearts have honestly distanced us from knowing our own wisdom, our own strength, our own self-love.

When we recognize these walls and habits we created a shield, so we think, to keep the agony away, we honestly become aware that our protection mechanisms have also morphed into our personal sufferings. Once we take a good look, stop beating ourselves up for not being what everyone else thought we should be, and cease hammering those around us for their ignorance of who we are, we begin to create a sacred space to hear our trusted voice.

The road inward is our truest path. It takes time alone, time in silence, and a willingness to peel back the layers we have constructed. No matter what the expectations were that gave us an impression we needed to hide our authentic self, no matter how many of those people are still in your life, it is time to forgive yourself and them, pardon the situation, exonerate your past behavior and take responsibility for your present moment and your future.

Speaking from a lifetime of experience, it takes diligent trust in your personal power, and consistency to overcome a deep-rooted habit of listening to the ego’s automatic protection pattern. The process begins with a decision, a desire to redefine who you think you are and a loving kindness for your journey. It can be done and you can do it.