There is something to be said for the collective groups of people, gathering for what they believe in, for what they love, and just because they enjoy getting together.  As time has drifted by, the past seems so far away, getting out and about takes a little bit more effort, my mind appears to ramble through, over, and around the world via a multitude of websites.  Gathering in groups via Zoom conferencing, Facebook groups, and commenting on YouTube videos is a little different than sitting around a fire on a camp out.  And for whatever the reason, collective Facebook groups can be intellectually satisfying.  I do still say, I prefer a real physical hug over the hundred of smacking kisses via Google Hangout.

My friend, Rick, owner of Orenda Gallery told me about Fine Art America a couple of years ago and as you can see, I drug my feet getting into it.  Rick had a great piece of his own art on his iphone cover, that blew my mind.   Finally, I journeyed into the depths of dragging and dropping and listing art on the webpage.  Honestly, the time it takes to do things on any website is more than I would really like, I did it anyway.  What a kick it is to see my Women of All Possibilities on a shower curtain, I mean, “seriously.”

If you are curious or interested to witness the progress of Art by Tu Bears, there are a few originals in Rick and AJ’s Orenda Gallery and now you can get a print, coffee mugs, phone cases, tote bags, or almost anything you could think of on Fine Art America’s website.  Keep an open mind and have fun. Shot 2017-12-11 at 6.59.24 AM



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a note from Tu Bears – It is not the great thing that you do one time, it is the little things you do everyday that gets you to the top of the mountain. It is the things that you do when nobody is watching that make a difference. In those moments when you are alone, create thoughts of loving kindness for yourself. Remember, if you spend one minute thinking that you are not worth anything, you are on the wrong path. Stop there, turn around, shake that negative idea right out of your head. Create, invoke a more clear intention: You are valuable, important, and needed in our world. Stand in the mirror and look into those magical eyes of yours, see the hope of your today, and the dream of your tomorrow. You are exactly perfect just the way you are. You are enough, we are enough, and together we rise!

a note from Tu Bears – A rumbling below the surface, cosmic seeds and rays of hope crack open rupturing seams of welded metal doors. It is a season of renewing, restoring, and reawakening our faithful alliances around the earth. We are here to bring forward every sparkling bangle strung together, rattle them, twist and turn them, and bequeath them with ceremonial intention. It is ours to claim poetic bones and to own our muddy flesh. For those of us who still remain, we must demand our sculpting fingers to create peaceful gatherings, and command our dirty feet to dance and stomp the ground. The time has come for us give rise to the fire that lives within each of us. Rise up, now and sing out our most sincere integrity, bled if we must, yet stand strong and persevere. We were born with purpose.

a note from Tu Bears – Living from the core of our innermost soul grants us a confident wisdom to stretch into the future. We grow out of muddy waters, blossom in living color, flow with the tide, and witness destiny unfolding for us and forthcoming generations. It is our purpose to listen for our future’s unborn voice as it dives from one star to the next and tumbles across the sea. We are destined to create meaningful tomorrows from original thoughts and faithful determination. It may appear to be challenging to release generations of hateful, fearful, angry patterns yet, within each one of us there is the power of perseverance to succeed and fulfill our cosmic destiny.

Mother Earth’s all-inclusive nature is our greatest teacher, a terrific reminder to restore our faith in natural principles of universal cosmic creativity.

We have been working in our garden everyday this spring and I must say, it is quite beautiful. We noticed early on that we have not seen one bee. Last spring season, bees were all over our mint, lavender, salvia, and Echinacea. There were not any bees anywhere in the garden this spring. It was beginning to cause us great sadness. We heard about bees becoming endangered and have honestly been a bit worried about the seemingly disappearance of bees from our garden this year.

Our spring has turned into summer almost over night, so we have been getting up earlier to avoid the heat. Every morning, we begin our ritual of welcoming Grandfather Sun with gratitude for nature’s beautiful, thick, lush abundance. We are so blessed to enjoy our morning in the garden.

Five days ago, I posted “…..bring back the bees.” Many of my friends responded with positive affirmations that the bees are coming back. And of course, knowing how the universe operates, this morning while pulling weeds around the lavender plants, I noticed the hundreds of bees. The bees are back. We were doing the happy dance!

There is space for every living being on this planet to be, do, and have exactly what they need, want, and desire. Gratitude is the doorway to natural abundance. Affirmations are tools of discovering innate bounty. Every word we speak leads to our pathway of living naturally in our individual opulence. We have the ability to co-create a peacefully abundant world for all of us. Thank you all for the affirmative thoughts and prayers for our bees to come back.



 Andrea Gibson



Take a cup of coffee on the road for an hour or two of site seeing in your own town with no purpose other than that.

Give yourself a day off to listen to some great music.


We are having a heatwave on this the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Take it easy, relax, be mindful of how you can balance your day. Be gentle with yourself and kind to your families. Bring a light heartedness into ritual, create a simple list of intentions for yourself to begin your Solstice, put a calming energy into a small bowl of water with a few drops of lavender oil and softly drum over it, sway serenely into a natural rhythm, and let your soul lead your way. May this be a blessed peaceful year for us all and may the bees come back. – Tu BearsScreen Shot 2017-06-21 at 8.41.18 AM.png

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In an ebb and flow of an ocean’s tide, our world changes.  Storms come and go, earthquakes readjust our landscape, and tragedy brings loving kindness.  The more determined we are to hold onto our attachments and our limited thinking, the more challenging the world feels.  The world is in constant evolution anyway, with or without our opinions or approval.  The harder we dig in, the more stuck we become.  We could release fear and anger, go with the ebb and flow, and be in the here and now, the when and where opportunities show up.  We can dance gracefully the tide of life.Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 2.31.35 PM