Sunday Afternoon Jazz

CoffeeMystery with Roberta Sa’ & Gilberto Gil – Afogamento on a Sunday Afternoon


A combo sound in Afogamento with:  Gilberto Gil & Roberta Sá Baixo – Alberto Continentino Bateria / MPC – Domenico Lancellotti Clarinete – Joana Queiroz Violão – Gilberto Gil Sintetizador – Bruno Di Lullo Percussão – Bem Gil

Sunday Afternoon Jazz

It is a pretty hot Sunday afternoon in Reno.  My creative mind is rolling with it.  I made an iced Pachamama espresso roast with frothed milk for an afternoon delight.  It is a day to be in a creative musing of collectable words traveling across a page.


A few weeks ago, I signed up for Mike Croft’s Writer’s Workshop, we have had two sessions so far and I’m climbing the walls with full live characters.  Painting pictures with words, so they say.  The story is in first person, the narrator is an enigma roaming around in a 1935, bootlegger’s bluesy drama.  There is something to say about a writer’s workshops that untangles the edges of a wordsmith’s mind and juggles the loose parts of story.

It is a great day of dry, hot wind, Gilberto Gil & Roberta Sa’ and an iced coffee charming dramatic stories to flow from the most sensual, sultry places hidden in clever, indecent ramblings.  What is more enticing than drama, fire, and raging love affairs.  Need I say more.

Mike is planning to start another 4 week workshop soon – if you are a writer just waiting to start a short story or that big novel, jump in with both feet.  Get in touch.

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