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Give It a Fresh Start

It has been a few months since I actually wrote a blog post, did a podcast, or a video and I wanted to say something about that.  Writers of all kinds, whether they are posting every week or hiding in a corner thinking about writing. Poets, novelist, or number one best selling self-help authors – we all have insane demons to contend with.

I felt like if I could start writing about why I haven’t written anything for several weeks, I might get creative and actually write something.  It’s not like I haven’t been thinking about what to write, I’ve got hundreds of topics, lots of rambling ideas, and even stirring passions.  

It isn’t that I am worried about what you think or that I could fail.  I’ve fallen on my face more times than I care to remember.

No Excuses Here

I could tell you, “my schedule is just too full” or “I’m in high demand.” I could say, “I’m wasting time, streaming ‘Scandal’. I am truly jealous of that Shonda Rhimes for her continuous prolific, award winning tv shows.  There are 7 seasons with 124 episodes of “Scandal” and each one of those episodes leaves me clicking the button to watch the next one. Yes, I’m tormented that I wouldn’t even know where to start writing something that popular. It isn’t in my wheelhouse of life experiences.  

Always Time for Coffee

Every week I have coffee with a my writing buds.  We tramp around, over, under, and through, writing ideas, poetic righteousness, novel creativity, and blogging for a living.  

Who are real writers, anyway? Often we compare writers to jazz musicians with comments like, “a person wouldn’t take a few sax lessons and put themselves on stage to play with someone like Oscar Peterson.”  And on we go, “so, what makes us think we can write like Toni Morrison or Ernest Hemingway or Shonda Rhimes?”

Back for a second Caffe’ Americano or Caffe’ Breve and on we go.  What makes me think I could write a creative blog post that might draw a few hundred followers or who would enjoy my poetry or tell their friends about one of my short stories?

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Coffee Running Away With Me

Do I even care?  Yes, I care. Coffee cares. Writing for me is like breathing.  Coffee is fresh air for me. Both Coffee and Writing are a must for me to stay alive.  Is getting published why I write? Not exactly, but it is a great perk. What makes me think you notice if I show up here or don’t?  I believe in you and I trust you are ready to “clap” for the post I’m dreaming up.  Yes, I imagine you roaming the internet searching for something great to read.

Read, Read, and Read with a Latte on the Side

Everyday, I try to read as many blogs as I can, usually 5. There are truly hundreds of amusing subjects and writers ranging in experience and credibility throwing out their opinions about an array of themes.  I’m telling you, anything you might be intrigued by, there is a blog about it.

One of the bloggers I follow is Robert Greig. His blog is called “My life as a piece of string”  I am fascinated with his meandering thoughts about his life and our surrounding world.  His blog site is clean and the print looks typewritten.  I find his perspective on life refreshing, straight forward, and often comical.

esther-tuttle-m9SAITsAU8s-unsplash copyPhoto by Esther Tuttle @entradaphotography Upslash

Never Give Up on Yourself

I enjoy following several bloggers on Medium, I myself write for Medium on occasions.  What I love about Medium’s platform is the broad range of genres and writers to choose from.  At the beginning of each blog is the title and author’s name and how many minutes it will take me to read the posting.  Of course, the luxury of a search spy glass with millions of topics to choose from.  I read that there were more than 8,000 writers currently publishing on Medium. Whatever you are interested in, you can find it on Medium.

Guess What? Shonda Rhimes has posted a few articles on Medium.

The point here, is that you are reading and/or writing and/or posting, whether or not I’m posting doesn’t really matter or does it? Sure it does!  See you soon.

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