Accepting Your Personal Power

Tu Bears


There is a true voice deep inside each of us, it isn’t the voice in our head. Our real voice isn’t one of fear or shame or less-than. It is a voice deeper, beyond the brain chatter. A voice of authentic reason with a sound of sharp, quick truth only you can hear. Trusting this voice is where your personal power reveals itself.

Personal Power begins early on, as early as in our mother’s womb. Each of us comes in with a knowing, an understanding of where we came from, why we are here, and what is expected of us. This personal power often gets clouded or pushed down or sometimes lost completely. There is a shaping of mind chatter that becomes so loud we no longer listen to our inner knowledge. An influence of parental concepts, community expectations, and peer pressure may put a wedge between what they tell us to believe and our truest wisdom. By the time we have survived our upbringing, completed an education system, or formulated how to fit into the expected places, we learn to accommodate to other’s opinions and demands.

Often we act out, rebel, and run the opposite direction of how we were required to perform. Some of us conform, continue to play the role, follow the rules. And there are those of us who begin to search, seek, and question.

There have been great occasions when I thought I knew where I was, I had the answers, I had faith in what I was living and all of a sudden I found myself knocked down, run over, and beat up. I scrambled around, gathered myself together, swept up my pieces into a dustpan, and got back on the road. My grandmother said, “Pull your socks up and get back in the game.”

Whichever individual you have become, today I speak to your truest heart of hearts.   From my own life experience of questing, searching, asking, and living I genuinely encourage you to seek deeper into your authentic place of self-discovery and rediscovery.

Inside each of us there is an awakened being, a solid comforting voice, an authentic knowing. Even when everything around us is falling apart, when people we expected to love us have deserted us, lost a job, or we have had a health crisis, the one thing we can count on is our individual personal power. Pull up your socks and listen deeper to your inner voice.



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