a note from Tu Bears – Constructing a connecting link across a land that has been there forever is like figuring out our reason for being human. It may take lifetimes of trial and error, searching this pathway, rummaging through that box of books, rambling over millions of concepts and ideas, digging up old relics of historical data, and still wondering what the heck we are doing here. Our personal puzzle cannot be solved if half of our pieces are still tucked away in secret hiding places. Be brave, invoke the unknown, stretch beyond imagination, and live with ultimate abandon.           screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-8-07-34-am

Time keeps rolling on. It turns corners in ways one would never guess. It evaporates right before you eyes, slips through cracks while a person hesitates to whisper an important thought. Even the three-minute wait at a red light, time is marching on.

One afternoon your baby takes his first steps, before you turn around, he has graduated, got married, and is raising kids of his own. On a Sunday in the park, she flips over like she is doing a cartwheel and yells, “look at me, mom.” Almost the next day it seems, she is packed, boarding a plane to New York City, bright lights, with her dreams in her pocket. Blame it on time. Time takes your children away while you make a living. In the morning, you wake up, you’re 18, tomorrow you wake up and you’re 70. Time rides by every day you forgot to call to say “I love you.” That’s right, I know you meant to. I know you thought about it.

Have you had a chance to get to a great concert lately or listened, deeply listened to your favorite music? How about an Oscar winning movie, or a walk in the park or a good laugh with a friend? No worries, if you didn’t see that movie on the big screen, if you don’t hesitate, you can find it in some online streaming channel. Some say, “There is always tomorrow.” Along time ago, I worked with a guy, who said the same damn thing everyday at the end of our shift, “We didn’t get much done today, but we’ll give them hell tomorrow.” I wonder how many yesterdays that was and where is he now? Here it is today already, those days of giving them hell tomorrow have slipped right on past us, collided with the day after tomorrow, and we never saw it coming. Don’t take time to hesitate, before you know it, by gones have gone on by and it is too late now.

How old did you say you were? Did you do all of those things you said you were going to? How about that red Mustang you wanted back in high school, did you ever get one? Yes, I know that was back in the day and what we wanted then isn’t appropriate now. Whose life is this anyway, where did it all go? Time kept on clicking by with every sunrise, sundown, and through good days and bad ones, too.

Say, did I tell you? Do you remember that Jasmine from back in the day, we all hung out, down at Mel’s Diner? Time slipped right on by. She had cancer, died. She was in her 40’s, had a couple of kids, still in high school. Blame it all on time, moved right on down the track, just like the train that runs under Keystone right on schedule for 365 days in every year, it clicks on by 24/7, morning, noon, and night. There goes the caboose before you can blink an eye.

I know, it is all pretty depressing. Don’t let it get you down. Get on up off of that couch, out from under the spell of that TV, and march on out there with time, smack dab in the middle of your life. Live the best way you know how and before you know it you will forget what time it is.

Destiny’s Path

Pieces of you and me fit and flow
thick liquid hot and steamy
a wake up call in the morning rain.

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via Daily Prompt: Juicy


A high voltage electrical current rambles through the universe fueled by a single voice of gratitude. An unexpected affluence follows one person’s appreciation. One of the things I have noticed in my life is how the vibration of livelihood increases when I express thankfulness.

In fine-tuning my daily gratitude journal I’ve noted how a demonstration of a simple “thank you” for everything, including aggravations, poor health, or distress. Yes, especially upsetting circumstances deserve gratitude. What I have discovered in the writing about the agitation or disturbances in life with a thankful heart a solution comes, a calming passes over me and an easy flow of creativity begins a journey all it’s own.

Gratitude becomes a way of life. A grateful electrical current vibrates in our personal lives and creates a higher spiritual frequency and ignites the “Law of Attraction”.   Over time we develop a gratitude habit and life takes care of itself.

In other words, disturbances depression, anger, and fear, disappear  with a daily practice of giving thanks for all things.


Tu BearsScreen Shot 2016-03-15 at 5.02.25 PM.png

The home of our inner voice is a centering sweet essence of our truest self. I call it sweet because the voice is soft, kind, and gentle. For those of us who have built walls, armor around our natural soul to protect ourselves from an outside world of hatefulness, abuse, or misconceptions, it may take time to design a safe place to reach into as we get to know our guiding light. The many strategies we believed would safeguard our hearts have honestly distanced us from knowing our own wisdom, our own strength, our own self-love.

When we recognize these walls and habits we created a shield, so we think, to keep the agony away, we honestly become aware that our protection mechanisms have also morphed into our personal sufferings. Once we take a good look, stop beating ourselves up for not being what everyone else thought we should be, and cease hammering those around us for their ignorance of who we are, we begin to create a sacred space to hear our trusted voice.

The road inward is our truest path. It takes time alone, time in silence, and a willingness to peel back the layers we have constructed. No matter what the expectations were that gave us an impression we needed to hide our authentic self, no matter how many of those people are still in your life, it is time to forgive yourself and them, pardon the situation, exonerate your past behavior and take responsibility for your present moment and your future.

Speaking from a lifetime of experience, it takes diligent trust in your personal power, and consistency to overcome a deep-rooted habit of listening to the ego’s automatic protection pattern. The process begins with a decision, a desire to redefine who you think you are and a loving kindness for your journey. It can be done and you can do it.


a note from Tu Bears – An endless majestic roar, engulfing respect, saturated our skin. A deep natural emergence of gratitude, honor, and wonder pumped through every vein, pounded each miraculous heartbeat, and continued with singleness of purpose. In our primal memory, blood and bone marrow came from the same source and traveled through timeless, limitless, wordless understanding only known to our interconnected souls. May we listen deeper, embrace longer, and love everlastingly. Don’t forget to dance and sing with ultimate abandon.

Tu Bears


There is a true voice deep inside each of us, it isn’t the voice in our head. Our real voice isn’t one of fear or shame or less-than. It is a voice deeper, beyond the brain chatter. A voice of authentic reason with a sound of sharp, quick truth only you can hear. Trusting this voice is where your personal power reveals itself.

Personal Power begins early on, as early as in our mother’s womb. Each of us comes in with a knowing, an understanding of where we came from, why we are here, and what is expected of us. This personal power often gets clouded or pushed down or sometimes lost completely. There is a shaping of mind chatter that becomes so loud we no longer listen to our inner knowledge. An influence of parental concepts, community expectations, and peer pressure may put a wedge between what they tell us to believe and our truest wisdom. By the time we have survived our upbringing, completed an education system, or formulated how to fit into the expected places, we learn to accommodate to other’s opinions and demands.

Often we act out, rebel, and run the opposite direction of how we were required to perform. Some of us conform, continue to play the role, follow the rules. And there are those of us who begin to search, seek, and question.

There have been great occasions when I thought I knew where I was, I had the answers, I had faith in what I was living and all of a sudden I found myself knocked down, run over, and beat up. I scrambled around, gathered myself together, swept up my pieces into a dustpan, and got back on the road. My grandmother said, “Pull your socks up and get back in the game.”

Whichever individual you have become, today I speak to your truest heart of hearts.   From my own life experience of questing, searching, asking, and living I genuinely encourage you to seek deeper into your authentic place of self-discovery and rediscovery.

Inside each of us there is an awakened being, a solid comforting voice, an authentic knowing. Even when everything around us is falling apart, when people we expected to love us have deserted us, lost a job, or we have had a health crisis, the one thing we can count on is our individual personal power. Pull up your socks and listen deeper to your inner voice.



To follow the way of nature as if it were our map, our guide through each day.  Nature encompasses every tiny detail of our being from the smallest cell through out the cosmos.  Each of us contains the universe within.  There is flow, a path, a river, a simple tree, a tiny house plant or a fish in a bowl to remind us of our personal spiritual journey.  Days, months, years, go by and we continue commingling with a natural way of being.  The threads braid and weave our lives, our families, our co-workers, our likes and dislikes, our past, present, and future into simple nature.  There is no escape.  May we honestly live, patiently accept, gracefully witness, and freely love.  Let us peacefully live in harmony with all living beings.