Time to Feed the Soul

It Ain’t What it Use to Be

Life as we once knew it has drastically changed in 2020.  Many of us are working from home, learning new technology for conference video calls, and giving rise to our creative ideas. While many others are on the frontlines keeping us all safe and healthy.  

For most all of my friends who own or work in restaurants, there is new territories and terminology with drive-up-pick-ups, and deliveries as their new norm.

My coffee fetish is now homebound and journal writing from at my desk is all the rage!

Yesterday, I discovered that my friend, Chef Cheri’ at Un Caffe’ Italian Bistro & Pasticceria has gotten really creative with her menu choices and what her talents could offer to our community.  

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Un Caffe’ Italian Bistro & Pasticceria

900 West Moana Lane, Suite 101

Reno, Nevada


Chef Cheri’ Rhodes is offering Dinner For 4 for $40.  Lasagna or Chicken Cacciatore or Italian Meatloaf or Spaghetti & Meatballs Plus Caesar Salad Plus Bread. 

Knowing Chef Cheri’ like I do – stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to feed yourself, your family, and your friends with other savory dishes from Un Caffe’.

Let me tell you, I ordered the Italian Meatloaf meal yesterday and picked it up today.  It was steaming hot, right out of the oven, the most delicious meatloaf I’ve ever tasted.  Enough food for 4 with leftovers. 


To My Reno Peeps

Here is how it works – call Chef Cheri’ (775-853-7801) to place your order and schedule when you want to pick it up the next day.  Here’s a little tip, Chef Cheri’ loves to bake and has scrumptious deserts and pastries.

Check out the menu

This offering at Un Caffe’ is a beautiful gift for those friends and family members, we know who are out there in the trenches, nurses, pharmacist, grocery teams, truck drivers, first responders, auto mechanics, and all of those in service to the people.

Get your order in today and pick it up tomorrow and deliver it to your friends when they come home from work. Would that make a fun surprise for your neighbor’s family or your friends at the local pharmacy or fire department?

Remember to wear gloves and keep your distance.  No hugging, time to feed the soul.

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