Coffee Mystery at Un Caffe’ in Reno

There has always been something special about morning coffee in my world.  The feeling is soulfully sensitive, quiet, and gentle, slow awakening of my inner appreciation for breath, a whispering curiosity of the day to come.

I feel like something is turning inside-out before a purposeful mission, the sound of grinding coffee beans, the smell of dark roasted coffee, and my journal opened to a new page.  A piece of bond often ready for the ink to flow from a fountain pen, creating words strung together in a meandering kind of thoughtfulness.

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Un Caffe’ Italian Bistro & Pasticceria

900 West Moana Lane, Suite 101

Reno, Nevada


Often I find my way to Un Caffe’ on days when I feel like collaborating with a fellow pen-pusher or other days when my desire is to have a great cup of coffee and scribble down a few bullet points to explore a blog post idea.

You see, I feel like a welcomed guest by Katy’s smile and kind voice.  It is the atmosphere and the fact that I can order an ultimate Italian Filicori Zecchini in a French Press right at my table that attracts me to Un Caffe’.

Talk about inspirational, 4 minutes of simmering aroma, in front of my journal.  As I slowly push the plunger all of my senses are opened to an expansive fragrance, my mouth waters in anticipation for my first pour.  

In my journal,  I allow the flow of my every thought to become one visionary image after another and bullet point to my heart’s content.

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Un Caffe’ offers an intimacy of space and time for my artistic creations to cascade from my mind onto the page.  

The double-insulated French Press keeps the coffee hot enough for me to enjoy 4 cups. Often I order Chef Cheri’ Rhodes’ “Frittata of the day” with creamy, luscious Italian flavor or a fried egg sandwich with bacon for an easy delight.  

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There are so many choices on Un Caffe’s Menu that I haven’t experienced.  I’m sure before I get much older I will explore every scrumptious morsel from the attractive menu.

Hopefully, you will adventure in one morning or afternoon and sample Chef Cheri’s ultimate talents. Check out the delightful menu 

Her pastries are melt in your mouth and she loves to stock the display cooler with yummy delicious treats.

Now you know, from my perspective, that Un Caffe’ is an intimate, cozy atmosphere for sparking a creative writer’s mind.

I want you to experience Un Caffe’s ambiance for yourself. The dining space is a very attractive romantic afternoon date.

Chef Cheri has recently launched Saturday Brunch from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm with Italian eggs Benedict, panettone stuffed French toast, chicken and waffles and much more.  You will want to call ahead and reserve your table.

The Chef told me there would be a special St. Patrick’s Day evening coming up.  Be watching for it.

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One thought on “Coffee Mystery at Un Caffe’ in Reno”

  1. What a delightful morning. I could smell the coffee and temptation to lick the buttery crumbs of the croissant off my fingers.

    Thank you Tu Bears for another perfect coffee mystery. You inspire me to let the wild child write unscripted within me.

    I wish I were closer to frequent this sweet cafe. Be well my friend. You are a national treasure.

    Hugs Your 4ever friend, Karen Kalena


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