Time keeps rolling on. It turns corners in ways one would never guess. It evaporates right before you eyes, slips through cracks while a person hesitates to whisper an important thought. Even the three-minute wait at a red light, time is marching on.

One afternoon your baby takes his first steps, before you turn around, he has graduated, got married, and is raising kids of his own. On a Sunday in the park, she flips over like she is doing a cartwheel and yells, “look at me, mom.” Almost the next day it seems, she is packed, boarding a plane to New York City, bright lights, with her dreams in her pocket. Blame it on time. Time takes your children away while you make a living. In the morning, you wake up, you’re 18, tomorrow you wake up and you’re 70. Time rides by every day you forgot to call to say “I love you.” That’s right, I know you meant to. I know you thought about it.

Have you had a chance to get to a great concert lately or listened, deeply listened to your favorite music? How about an Oscar winning movie, or a walk in the park or a good laugh with a friend? No worries, if you didn’t see that movie on the big screen, if you don’t hesitate, you can find it in some online streaming channel. Some say, “There is always tomorrow.” Along time ago, I worked with a guy, who said the same damn thing everyday at the end of our shift, “We didn’t get much done today, but we’ll give them hell tomorrow.” I wonder how many yesterdays that was and where is he now? Here it is today already, those days of giving them hell tomorrow have slipped right on past us, collided with the day after tomorrow, and we never saw it coming. Don’t take time to hesitate, before you know it, by gones have gone on by and it is too late now.

How old did you say you were? Did you do all of those things you said you were going to? How about that red Mustang you wanted back in high school, did you ever get one? Yes, I know that was back in the day and what we wanted then isn’t appropriate now. Whose life is this anyway, where did it all go? Time kept on clicking by with every sunrise, sundown, and through good days and bad ones, too.

Say, did I tell you? Do you remember that Jasmine from back in the day, we all hung out, down at Mel’s Diner? Time slipped right on by. She had cancer, died. She was in her 40’s, had a couple of kids, still in high school. Blame it all on time, moved right on down the track, just like the train that runs under Keystone right on schedule for 365 days in every year, it clicks on by 24/7, morning, noon, and night. There goes the caboose before you can blink an eye.

I know, it is all pretty depressing. Don’t let it get you down. Get on up off of that couch, out from under the spell of that TV, and march on out there with time, smack dab in the middle of your life. Live the best way you know how and before you know it you will forget what time it is.