Gratitude Journal


A high voltage electrical current rambles through the universe fueled by a single voice of gratitude. An unexpected affluence follows one person’s appreciation. One of the things I have noticed in my life is how the vibration of livelihood increases when I express thankfulness.

In fine-tuning my daily gratitude journal I’ve noted how a demonstration of a simple “thank you” for everything, including aggravations, poor health, or distress. Yes, especially upsetting circumstances deserve gratitude. What I have discovered in the writing about the agitation or disturbances in life with a thankful heart a solution comes, a calming passes over me and an easy flow of creativity begins a journey all it’s own.

Gratitude becomes a way of life. A grateful electrical current vibrates in our personal lives and creates a higher spiritual frequency and ignites the “Law of Attraction”.   Over time we develop a gratitude habit and life takes care of itself.

In other words, disturbances depression, anger, and fear, disappear  with a daily practice of giving thanks for all things.


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